The new team behind Anobii

Dear Anobian friends,

As you have probably read by now, Anobii has been acquired by Ovolab. I feel it is important to say a few words about who we are and our upcoming plans.

Ovolab is a tight-knit team of software developers and designers. We have created desktop and mobile apps, used by millions of users worldwide, for over 16 years.

At Ovolab, we have decided to engage in this new adventure guided by our passion for books (we are avid readers ourselves!) and by a great respect for the Anobii community and for the many ideas you’ve contributed with, throughout the years.

This is why we can’t wait to add new functionality to Anobii, to make it even easier to discover books that can spark new ideas and emotions, to facilitate dialogue among members, to find out what local bookstores can offer, to hear directly from some of the authors you may be reading.

In the meantime, we are already hard at work. Initially, we need to focus on rebuilding solid, modern foundations for Anobii. Later, we will improve it and enrich it with new features that are useful to the community. But we want to reach that objective through careful planning and by listening to you.

In fact, we have a great deal to learn and understand about Anobii and how you use it. This is why we’d love to hear directly from you: what your favorite features are, what needs improving the most, what is missing and you’d like to see introduced. Please write to with your ideas and feedback, we will be extremely happy to read them!

There’s one thing you can be sure of: Anobii is still Anobii. What makes it unique is you, the conversations you’re holding, the books you read and tell others about, the thoughts you’re sharing. We want to provide you with even more tools and opportunities to keep doing this, without compromising the delicate fabric of emotions and inspiring conversations that brings the community together.

We look forward to this journey together, hoping that you’ll share our passion—bearing with us when the occasional bug will surface, while enjoying the things that we get right.

In the meantime, happy reading!

Matteo Da Pont, CEO,
Marco Piovanelli, CTO,
and the rest of the Anobii team.

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